Computer Networks Vocab

14677830_xxlComputer network is an interconnection of computer to transmit information between them according to certain rules or protocols. It is very important to know about the common terms like Router, switches, Firewall, Hub etc used in the computer networking. For any computer problem use the reliable computer services of Impcsupport. They provide 24 *7 online technical supports for 365 days.

Computer network is an interconnection of computer for sharing of information according to some specified rules or protocols. This data is transmitted through OSI (open system interconnection) model. In this process in one device is able to send/receive data to/from at least one process residing in a remote device, then the two devices are said to be in a network. A network is a group of devices connected to each other. Networks may be classified into a wide variety of characteristics, such as the medium used to transport the data, communications protocol used, scale, topology, benefit, and organizational scope. In this article I will make you aware about the some of the common terms used in the field of networking:

·         Computer Network: Computer network

Fix computer crash yourself,it is too easy!

hackingAre you bothering with computer crashes now?Do you still have no good way to deal with it?Please come and  which provide the right tool to fix above problems for you.In fact if you find that your computer crashes unexpectedly,verything comes to a halt.Prior to crashing your computer will likely start freezing up. This is an indication that your computer has to be fixed before it gives up completely. Fixing the computer does not need to involve replacement of the computer with a new one. Your current computer likely just needs a little

Identifying the reason for crashing is essential prior to fixing the computer. The initial step is to reboot your computer. If the rebooting goes smoothly, it is apparent that you are facing a problem with your registry. If you cannot reboot instantly, then rebooting your computer in safe mode and locating a registry cleaner to fix your problem is essential.

Every file present in your registry contains a command or direction for every program and application on your computer. Registry files are the files that give your computer the instructions for what to do next. If these registry files get

Make your computer errors free

6Can you honestly say that you remember the last time you did (or ever did) an internal cleaning inside your computer? A computer case can collect dirt, dust and other small particulates. If you’re an owner of a dog or cat, it’s very likely that your computer case may also have a sizable share of animal hair inside. When a personal computer develops some problems most people think that it is time to rush off and purchase a new computer. This is because the average computer owner or user does not know a lot about the technical aspects of a computer, and what actually goes on inside the computer.

When your PC is running slow and crushing frequently, it is highly likely that the Windows registry is corrupt. A faulty registry is bad news for any computer owner because it affects the speed, performance and stability of the computer.To know more about your pc errors,you can visit to get some important information.

What is the Windows registry and why is it so important that it remains in good condition? Your computer registry stores all

Measuring Flow And Looking Good

When delivering and keeping track of very valuable liquids, gasses, and other chemicals, it is extremely crucial to have very precise measurements. Even a small leak can add up to many thousands of dollars over time, not to mention to dangerous nature of some chemicals. Working with industrial equipment and turbines is serious business and finding quality indicators and precise flow meters at Ecosystemindicators is always a good idea.

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Tips and Tricks to Buy a Used Phone for the Best Price

First thing that we would like to say, buying a used phone is already a great way to save a lot of money if compared to the purchase of a new device. But at the same time you have to be very attentive when choosing your new used smartphone because a lot of hidden rocks exist there. Read the article and learn how to lower the initial price of the buyer by finding even non-existing problems.

For an example we will take a Nokia phone. First and foremost rule for you is to check Nokia phone prices online to understand the highest ,the lowest, and the middle price for a phone you are looking for. Only after equipping yourself with such knowledge you can proceed to the following steps.

Examine visually

As a rule, the biggest part of the price can be lowered after the visual examination of a device. If you have only heard about the phone or read

Choosing Your First Online Casino

Your skill aside, another thing to consider when you want to play casino game online is the place to play online casino. Veterans with their years experience and knowledge deal with no problem, but how about beginners? Some steps to take, started from reliable online casino, security, customer cares and supports, flexibility, and plenty others. Then, what? Although, you already know those stuffs, it is not like your job to find reliable online casino operator is done. In case, it is not that simple, but you will find it is easier by considering

Have good place where famous online casino operators reachable, there is nothing to worry about. Now, from plenty of selections that you have there, you can choose any operator for online casino. If you want to, you can do that way, though it is not recommended. You consider online casino as you want to play certain casino game. Narrowing down your option, choose only casino operators that cater you with kind of games that you want to play. Gather all of online casino operators that provide you with typical casino online that you want, then compared.

But, how to? Apparently, you will find review section where you

Have the Problem related to IT Programs? Here is the Solution!

When technology has the significant growth in the recent years, it makes many people to concern about it deeper. Being an IT specialist is such a great job that you can choose if you want to have such a great job relating to the IT. Besides of having the access to master the technology, you will never lose any update about the development of technology. Or maybe, you will be one of the people who have the significant role in developing the technology.

Well, for the IT programmer, designing and making the good IT program is not easy to do. When you have the problem in developing your program, you do not need to be worried much. You can learn it from many sources. But for the most important point is that you have the great cloud server hosting. Having the great cloud server for the hosting will make you have such a great and well established website condition for your own website that has the close relation with the programs. So far, what are you waiting for any longer time? You can do it right now on and you will find the solution regarding

Choose Temperature Tracking System For Optimum Security

Computer service and other similar electronic devices may be one of the most resilient and complicated fixtures out there, but still they remain at higher risks to changes in temperatures and humidity. Calling a tech guy or some engineer in case of some emergency may seem quite easy, but the maintenance issue is certainly going to levy heavy expenditure for you. But there is an easy and affordable alternative available for this in the form of temperature sensor devices. These can simply save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars that you might have to spend on maintenance and repairs of electronic of electronics.

Electronic products are supposed to be handled with care and used very cautiously. For computers and other high tech components there is need to assure that they are placed in areas with moderate room temperature or in suitable environments compatible to their such items. If your company is very much dependent on the electronics like computers, mainframes or some other devices like that which store some major information about your company and records, it is highly recommended to install wireless temperature monitor for safety and security of your electronic systems. With the right monitoring solution, it will

Digital Multimeters Functions Briefing for Engineering Students

Since last many years, Digital Multimeters or DMMs have remained one of the widely used components in the electrical and electronics industry. The reason for this is that operation of any DMM is straightforward one, despite of few differences in its functions based on varying manufacturers.

Functions of DMMs

Main function of any DMMs and their related procedures is to measure voltage supply present in a particular circuit. Based on the reading of voltage supply, experimenters derive other important measurements for calculation and further applications.

Hence, if you are a B.E. student studying in one of the good engineering colleges in India and willing to understand the function of digital multimeter, it is essential or you to understand the process, by which the multimeter measures voltage supply present in the electrical or electronic circuit.

SAR-Major Component of Multimeter

Digital Multimeters mainly use SAR or Successive Approximation Registers to convert the signal from analogue to digital format. As the name suggests, SAR type of analogue to digital converter devices perform their functions by successive homing in on various values present in incoming voltage supply. First stage of the entire process is associated with the sample, while hold circuit sample the actual voltage supply

GMA Converter Convert GMA to MP4 AVI MOV FLV WMV MP3 Easily

Upload GMA videos to YouTube or play GMA files on iPhone/iPad or burn GMA videos to DVD with the professional GMA File Converter. Play GMA videos with GMA Player now.

Take a Look of GMA File Format

GMA file format is a format used by S.A.P.S. – Sharp Advanced Presentation Software Professional. GMA format contains data that modifies gameplay like character appearance, game modes, weapon skin, environment layout, maps and more. There are many other types of files may also use GMA file extension in our daily life.

Why We cannot Open/Play GMA Files?

When you try to play GMA files, you may find many players fail to open them. Why? There are several reasons:

  1. This file has been broken and corrupted.
  2. You don not use the correct software to open the GMA videos.
  3. There is something wrong with your correct software to open GMA files.
  4. You do not find the right version of the software that can play GMA videos.
  5. Some virus or malware interfere when opening this file.

How to Successfully Open/Play GMA Files?

In order to easily play GMA files, a strongly recommended solution is to convert GMA to popular video and audio formats like convert GMA to MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, VOB, MP3, FLAC, AIFF and more

Have you been looking for the best assistance relating to notebook computer reviews

Have you been looking for the best assistance relating to notebook computer reviews? When you are looking for excellent information about notebook computer reviews, it will be intricate sorting out

Have you been looking for the best assistance relating to notebook computer reviews? When you are looking for excellent information about notebook computer reviews, it will be intricate sorting out the best information from ill-equipped notebook computer reviews suggestions and advice so it is important to know how to moderate the information you are offered. Here are a few tips that we believe you should use when you are trying to find information about notebook computer reviews. You need to realize the advice we give is only appropriate to internet information concerning notebook computer reviews. We can’t offer you any assistance or guidance when you are also conducting research in books or magazines. An excellent tip to follow when you are presented with help or advice concerning a notebook computer reviews webpage is to verify the ownership of the website. Doing this could reveal the owners notebook computer reviews credentials The easiest way to find out who is behind the notebook computer reviews website is to look on the ‘contact’

Get Rid of Computer Viruses

Computer antivirus software is necessary for your computer. If you want to keep your computer in absolutely safe environment, a good registry cleaner will be your helper.

Computer is used frequently nowadays. It makes it much more convenient to do many things. Thus much information is saved on it and much personal information is hidden in it. We can create passwords for our computers, and others can not have access to it. However, what should we do to prevent hackers, malware, spyware or viruses?

Most computer users know it is necessary to install a piece of antivirus software onto their computers to block bad things invading their computers. Is that enough that a piece of antivirus software is installed onto your computer? That’s far from enough. Various viruses spring up as the development of science and technology. There are many kinds of viruses and it is necessary for us to know something about it.

According to the characteristics of computer viruses, there are many ways to classify them. In accordance with the system the viruses attack, it can be classified as the viruses that attack DOS system, the viruses that attack Windows system, the viruses that attack UNIX system, and the viruses that

The Current State of CyberWar in the World

Drama. Drama is the touchstone for reporting. We have to look well around this particular stone in order to catch a realistic impression of the virtual. We have to look around it even to understand what CyberWar is or how it is defined.

When talking about cyberwar, hyperbole & metaphor are the rule rather than the exception. Cyberthis, cyberthat – you may have noticed that the virtual world is inhabited by nouns and verbs taken from the material world, and that images of cyberthings in the news tend to have dramatic pictures of physical things rather than the electrons that make up the cyberworld. Images of coins inhabit stories of purely virtual cryptocurrency, such as BitCoin. Perhaps Physics journals, where readers actually are interested in the electrons and the math of the cyberrealm, are the exception to this rule.

But when we read stories of cyberwar, we see pictures of soldiers, firearms and materiel accompanying the story. When we read of the people sitting at desks and computers to figure out how to hack and not be hacked, we call them CyberWarriors and pictures of men in flak jackets and helmets accompany these stories. I wonder what CyberItem will be accompanied by

Home Brewed Data Destruction

Law around the subject of electronically stored information (ESI) and computer forensics is ever-evolving. In a lawsuit, it’s treated just like paper documents. If you shred or burn the paper evidence, you’re in trouble – and if you’re caught deleting or wiping electronic evidence, you’re in the same boat.

But in some cases, it can be easier to get busted for destroying ESI, both because electrons have a way of proliferating as digital copies of files and pictures and documents, and because the process of destroying data usually leaves detectable digital traces.

Just yesterday, a fellow (I decline to call him a gentleman) called me up to ask if he could consult with me on an hourly basis about how to destroy data (evidence) on his computer for an upcoming potential divorce. I actually found myself offended and explained to him (trying to keep the disdain from my voice) that destroying evidence is the exact opposite of the service I offer.

We don’t wreck evidence – we find it.

I further suggested that he might want to look into the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Sections 26 & 34 and how they apply in his state. I told him that I am not an

How to Keep Anyone From Snooping Around Your Cloud

The American Civil Liberties Union, based in New York, NY., reported the U.S. Government claims the right to read personal online data without warrants. This trend is not unique to the U.S. Government. Many governments around the world make requests of these service providers as well.

According to statistics published by Google, it received over 16,000 requests for information affecting over 31,000 users in 2012. Google’s same statistics stated they provided information in over 85% of the requests.

In 2012 Microsoft received over 70,000 requests affecting over 120,000 accounts. While this is a much higher number, Microsoft only produced information on these requests about 2% of the time. Almost 80% of the requests asked Microsoft to divulged subscriber and transactional information only.

Locking the thieves out:
Companies and individuals can take easy steps to prevent thieves, companies and the government from gaining access to online storage which contains private information.

Here are a few basic ways of protecting or encrypting the data to keep prying eyes from viewing confidential and/or personal information:

1) The data can be encrypted before it is stored in the Cloud. Products like TrueCrypt, Privacy Drive and MyInfoSafe allow for the user to encrypt their data. This type of encryption can

Hacking Expert Witness: US Charges Eight in Hacking Scheme

This allegedly began in 2011, when several accounts in banks such as: Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, PayPal, the U.S. Military Defense Finance and 11 other banks had their accounts compromised. Once inside these accounts, the hackers setup a payment which was sent to several pre-paid debit cards. The pre-paid cards were then used by an accomplice (aka “cashers” or “money mules”) to make ATM withdrawals or purchases to convert the card into cash.

From here, the cashers took a small cut for themselves, while sending the bulk of the money to their employer via a wire transfer.

They managed to avoid detection for some time by keeping the transfers below the $10,000 threshold set by the anti-money laundering laws of the U.S. However, they routinely made payments of $9,900. A $10,000 transaction sends up a big red flag, a $9,900 transaction sends up a smaller red flag. It is these multiple $9,900 amount transfers along with a Gmail account the defendants use to talked with others about the scheme that was their downfall. In addition to the discussion about the scheme, there were many emails in this account that detailed the transfers to and from many of the banks. Currently only

Packet Capture – Definition and Importance

As the data keeps streaming by, sniffers capture each packet and decode them if needed showing the value of various field in the packet. The content then gets analyzed as per the specifications. The analysis helps in determining if there are unusual packets. This helps in maintaining effective data transmission.


A packet capture can be used in two ways- legitimately and illegitimately. In legitimate use, sniffing identifies the data and transmission errors to ensure an efficient network communication. However, in an illegitimate scenario, a disgruntled employee can use the data to actually ‘capture’ the company’s credit account information. Obviously, this information is not for any saintly purpose. He may use the information to transfer the company money to his own personal accounts!

Its Importance

The primary importance of packet sniffer is detection of network. A packet capture is similar to telephone wire tapping. It detects what is going through the computer networks. The main function of the software is to monitor the performance and troubleshoot the problems that may arise in a network. In addition, it can capture the traffic from different parts of the network using the software program. Sniffing data from just one part of the network may not be advantageous

Open Source Computer Forensics Investigations

The world of computer forensics — like all things computer — is rapidly developing and changing. While commercial investigative software packages exist, like EnCase by Guidance Software and FTK by AccessData, there are other software platforms which offer a solution for obtaining computer forensic results. Unlike the two aforementioned packages, these open sources alternatives do not cost hundreds of dollars — they are free to download, distribute and use under various open source licenses.

Computer Forensics is the process of obtaining information from a computer system. This information may be obtained from a live system (one that is up and running) or a system which has been shut down. The process typically involves taking steps to obtain a copy, or an image of the target system (often times an image of the hard drive is obtained, but in the case of a “live” system, this can even be the other memory areas of the computer).

After making an exact “image” or copy of the target, in which the copy is verified by “checksum” processes, the computer specialist can begin to examine and obtain a wide range of data. This copy is obtained through write protected means to preserve the integrity of the

nline Computer Service Takes The Hassle Of Any Computer Related Problems Off Your Shoulder

The procuring of a laptop or a computer is the easy part, which is more crucial is the maintenance part. Some times you will face security problems such as viruses, malwares and spywares and you computer tends to become utterly slow. What you need to do is to Make Your Computer Faster or in other terms Speed up Your Computer by contacting Online Computer Repair service providers.

Online PC Support is becoming more and more common in these epochs of advanced technologies. Same is the condition with online computer repair. Laptops and computers have undeniably become an integral part of our day to day lives. Be it PC Tech Support, Computer Repair, Computer Help, or Computer Data Recovery Services, Wireless Computer Service, Computer Solutions, PC solutions; Online Computer Service provider will see to it that your computer problem is solved within matter of seconds, if course depending on the severity of your PC problem.

The procuring of a laptop or a computer is the easy part, which is more crucial is the maintenance part. Some times you will face security problems such as viruses, malwares and spywares and you computer tends to become utterly slow. What you need to do is to

Registry Easy The Best System That Will Able To Fix Your Computer

every new computer always performs fast and well. However, due an expected reason your computer will drop off and slow down. Computer has gone through with hundred times of booting up, installing and uninstalling so many programs and because of this will cause malfunctioning, error messages, freezing, hanging or sometimes even crashing of the computer. But then in any case that you encounter any of these computer troubles, the need of Registry Easy is highly recommended.

new computer always runs like a top athlete at the starting gun – springing to action as soon as the gun goes off and leaves behind everyone without looking back. But just like an aging athlete who has seen better times and is now heavy with fat, the same computer that has gone through hundreds of times booting up, installing and uninstalling programs, processing millions and millions of bits of data, will slow down, heavy with unwanted and useless registry entries. To make your computer run like it’s never been through a lot, try Registry Easy, a workhorse when it comes to cleaning and fixing your pc’s registry.
There are many reasons why your pc will slow down. Virus attacks, spywares, keyloggers, and all those

Simple Tweaks to Fix Your Computer

You must have wondered that why my computer is slow? Sometimes it becomes so frustrating to use a bogged down computer as you can’t save your work and install new software because your computer frequently gets hanged. But there are ways to prevent this, some of the reasons for a slow computer and their fixes have been stated below:

System Registry Errors

This is a major reason, why the computer slows down. Many folks do not have a clue about what is Windows registry and how to maintain it.

Like any other part of the computer system, registry entries in the registry are very important. These registry keys contain instructions that tell the software or hardware in your computer how to run. Over the time registry gets bigger in size and messy because computer doesn’t automatically restore the default settings after running the program. Over the time this problem gets worse thus affecting the performance of your computer.

Thus in order to solve this problem you can download registry cleaner software from the internet. This software will clean up the unwanted registry keys thus freeing up valuable space in RAM.

2. Virus

If you download files from the internet then there is possibility that your computer

Computer Forensics and Hacking Expert Witness

The most common visual is the pale nerd in his mother’s basement who is getting into his university server to change his rivals grades to failing ones. Then there are the various Hollywood depictions which show “master criminals” manipulating traffic signals and financial markets. This is a fairly recent use of the word “hacker” and for years before it had a very different meaning.

In the early 90’s when Linux (a popular free computer operating system) was introduced, the word hacker did not even exist. Users of these operating systems referred to themselves as “hackers”, only due to their ability to manipulate and reuse programming code for their own purposes, outside of its originally intended purpose. If you think of them as chefs, everyone has that one basic recipe for lobster bisque, but each chef will put their own spin on the recipe to make it their own. They were / are very competent programmers that had a passion for writing their own programs.

The majority of these “hackers” used their skills for good. For example, helping a friend who needed new software to help keep track of inventory at a grocery store. Then there are some more famous hackers, including Steve

Secure Your Web Application Like Your Own House

An easy way to view web application security is by picturing your own house. It has a front door, a back door, windows, a number of rooms, a roof, boundary fences and different access routes. Only the terminology is different.

The Front Door.
The front door of any web application is the login page and, not surprisingly, it is the primary point of attack. A login page will consist of edit boxes to type a user name and password and a button to send these for the server to authenticate your access to the rest of the web application. Some login pages may provide a captcha to make sure you are a human being and not a mock-up of the same form on a different server. The mock-up form will cycle through variations of user names and passwords until it gains access to the application. This is known as cross-site forgery and is akin to a burglar forging the keys to your house.

Captchas are jumbled images of scrambled letters and numbers which make it impossible for an automated script to read. Unfortunately, as the scripts become cleverer at reading these images, the captcha images need to become more complex and harder