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The idea intrigued Insight Venture Partners. The firm led Aaptiv's Series A and Series B rounds of funding, which raised $38 million. "You're not sitting and staring at a screen while you work out, but the tech world didn't appreciate that," Insight Venture Partners Vice President Harley Miller said. "What (Agarwal) and his team are building really resonated with us and its regard for the common consumer and natural human behavior." Erica Goldenberg, a 31-year-old account manager at a tech start-up in Chicago, was nervous about not having video. But she has been using Aaptiv for the past year and found the instruction is clear enough to guide her through treadmill exercises and strength workouts. It's a twist that has helped Aaptiv grow to about 200,000 paying members since the app launched in January 2016. More than 14 million Aaptiv classes have been taken since then. "I would say there was a void in the market, a white space in the category for a long time," said Robin Thurston, Isometric Exercises who co-founded MapMyFitness, which was acquired by Under Armour in 2013. "The devices for a while had to catch up. I PeakFitPro think Ethan took advantage of that, and now it wouldn't be that uncommon during a workout to have Aaptiv talk to you and guide you through that program in the gym or outside." Thurston gives Agarwal credit for what he's accomplished with Aaptiv because it's hard to break through the crowded digital health and wellness space. It can also be tough to make money.

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